Wednesday, August 4, 2010

University Research III :Ultimately Public Sector Universities would have to earn some money

Ultimately Universities will have to earn some money.There is an upper limit to what students can pay in terms of tuition fees.There is also a limit to budgetary sources.Primary schools have urgent needs as well to be taken care of.University research activities can provide the extra income.Not only this would improve university liquidity,it would enrich academic life.This is not a pipe dream or a mere utopia.It can be done.It is already being done in Malaysia and Turkey,as mentioned earlier.After all these are the muslim developing countries who started their journey with the same socio-economic conditions. I only very sincerely expect that my readers do not still subscribe to the old and outdated perception that Pakistan is on the top among muslim countries No more.Nuclear weapons,for all their benefit, have sent wrong kind of perceptions and signals to common man.

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