Monday, August 23, 2010

Floods:Emergency Shelter and Toilets (continued)

Emergency Toilets: In my earlier blog , I proposed and discussed a plastic bucket based toilet with a seat and cover.Its main draw back is that heavier people may break it under their weight. And that it may not be liked under local cultural practices in the rural areas.Its more hygienic with its plastic film sack,and may be preferred by more organised and hygienic persons among the flood victims.

An alternative concept is of a classical plat form consisting of two or more bricks allowing the user to sit in a classical toilet position.A steel box is provided as a receptor for shitting.The box is to be !5 inch wide,24 inch in length and 12 inch deep,made of steel sheet preferably galvanized of 1 mm thickness ,of riveted construction and with two handles at the opposite end and possibly four legs of 3 inch height.It is normally fabricated by hand by the classical Balti/bucket makers,and should be widely available locally.A good sturdy one may cost as much as 500-600 Rupees.It can be a part of the victims ultimate toilet in their permanent dwellings in the rural area.The steel box is to be removed ,contents emptied in a nearby disposal pit which can be used as a bio-gas producer if the NGO is more scientifically inclined and staffed.

Another brick platform is required for washing with water.It is to be adjacent with the main one where one shifts after relieving himself.The user carries a lota filled outside with water.One may provide a utensil almost similar to the refuse one described earlier.This may have an outlet for water and a plastic hose pipe of a few meters.

A toilet room 5 to 6 ft wide,4ft deep and 7 ft high has to be made.It has two parts.Structure and the cover.Structure may be made of split bamboos,standard wooden longs,steel strip or pipe frame.68-80 ft lengths of this material wood be required.The cover could also be of a wide variety of materials like wooden veneer,ply wood ,hardboard(gutta),kraft paper used in cement bags,fabric,canvas,plastic film and sheet.A more permanent and sturdy and re-usable covering could be of corrugated steel sheets,which may however require a more sturdy and costly frame/structure. The room may be open in the top and curtains provided as a door and cover as well.Only pre-cut and ready to assemble material should be provided along with a set of tools like hammer,saw,chisel, screws,bolts or nails as the design may be.We will provide working drawings and may provide a volunteer supervisor,all free of cost by volunteers..Local skills and workers are normally available who if provided the material can assemble the precut material.A truck can possibly transport material for 20-25 toilets.An itemized budget on EXCELL would be posted in a while.Volunteers may offer their support or input into this estimating and procurement details.There are two very knowledgeable and helpful friends Mr. Anees and Mr.Ejaz Malik who would be more than willing to offer advice and support.Their contact numbers would also be provided after taking their consent.

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