Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inadequate and delayed relief assistance and the potential for anarchy and destabilisation

Our countrymen are disappointed,especially the flood victims and sufferers,that the required relief effort has not been forth-coming.Government and its institutions claim that they are doing their utmost as per their capability and resources.Foreign assistance has also not come with a volume and speed that one would have expected.Many are disappointed.Lack of credibility of government is being made scapegoat of.Flood impact is not as cataclysmic as for example earth-quake is,wherein thousands perish and are injured and maimed in a second.And the response is usually quick. Floods have delayed impact on the victims as well as on the community including the world community.

For example,today it was the first time that Imam-e-Kaaba prayed for flood victims and their welfare and prayed that Almighty Allah enable Muslims to help their brothers.It took time for the Imam to be sensitized on the issue and this may have also required clearance from Saudi authorities to make a significantly long Dua for the flood victims.Similarly governments around the globe should be making up their mind as to how best to help the victims.It is the 21st century.People do have conscience and sensitivities.However they would expect the citizens of Pakistan also to come forward with their financial and manpower resources.People are also getting mobilized and a lot of people based input and help is in the pipeline.

Our governments and institutions are what they are.It is a long term issue and not specific to the current government.This is what underdevelopment precisely is_ poor organisation and preparedness and may be vested interest.It is being alleged that the landlords are responsible for ill-advised diversions and breaking of bunds which has resulted in uncalled for inundation of many areas.Land lords wanted to save their own lands,it is alleged,and in the process caused undeserved and unnecessary misery.May be this may have happened in a few cases and should be reviewed.But it is highly unlikely that the scale of misery could have been lesser otherwise.The floods are unprecedented,not in Pakistan's history alone but even elsewhere.

However their is a limit to the patience of the victims.With time problems are expected to multiply.Disease may spread and local resources would dwindle gradually.There is a potential for anarchy and instability.Once it starts,it is difficult to subside .World community must quicken its processes and prove equal to its moral and material responsibility.International aid organisations are sufficiently organised and also the local NGOs and private institutions.If the donors have misgivings,their is an alternative route available.Pakistan does not deserve to be left alone or helped only in a lukewarm manner.Pakistan and its people were already suffering the curse of terrorism in the wake and consequence of the Afghan conflict of yester-years and now in a combo of Al-Qaeda.Supreme self interest requires that adequate attention be paid to the problem.Secretary of State Al-bright once said,"Pakistan is an international migraine".We didn't like it.But it may be somewhat true ?

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