Monday, August 23, 2010

Flood victims:Emergency support vs sustainability

Charpai has emerged as a very versatile and survivable asset of the flood victims.Many flood victims have used it as a boat and have improvised it to transport themselves through comparatively long distances.Chapai is a usual site around flood victims temporary settlement.They use the Charpai in the day as a cover from the sun and at night sleep on those.It doesnt get dirty. Normally one doesnt require any extra bedding material.Charpai has survived.Victims could bring it with them and can take it back along with them when they return to their towns and villages.It is an ideal device for summers providing enough ventilation. And philanthropists may consider including Charpais and other sustainable items in their aid to the victims.Obviously Food,water and medicine is usually the priority.

Toilets and Hygiene is a very big issue in floods.People relieve themselves in water or nearby .Water gets contaminated and is rendered not drinkable.Thus drinking water is to be provided despite the ironical water abundance around.Bottled water is often provided due to its transportation and distribution ease. Low cost hygienic Toilets can be provided relatively cheaply for communal common purposes. Women and girls suffer more than men and boys on the account of lack of toilets due to privacy reasons.Toilets should be of sustainable/survivable construction,so as to be incorporated in the ultimate dwellings of the victims.It is important that people do not relieve themselves at any convenient location,but should be required to do so at designated places where cover,water and shit-pot is provided.There are many creative solutions which we have discussed elsewhere.Used plastic containers of chemicals and batteries could be bought or acquired from SherShahs.Otherwise a steel box of adequate size(15x24x12 inches) of riveted construction with handle and possibly legs can be procured in abundance from local market.Again this is survivable and can be incorporated in later day toilets in the dwellings ultimately.

Containerized Reverse Osmosis plants could be handy and effective and could be installed where electricity is available.One plant per tehsil may be sufficient and could meet cooking and drinking needs.When emergency is over,these can go back to the donor agency for use elsewhere or redeployed in far -off deserving areas where it may be required on a routine basis.Such plants can be even rented or acquired on lease.And a good supply may always be available in traditional global markets.

Pots and pans for kitchen and water storage are also highly survivable and a good gift for the flood victims which they could incorporate in their homes when they return.Most of them may not recover whatever little they had in their houses when they return to salvage their household items.TV channels are reporting that if food somehow becomes availabe ,they are short of pots and pans,which may also result in food wastage.

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