Sunday, August 22, 2010

Floods:Emergency Shelters and toilets concept and costs

In the following ,I have provided a concept paper for the guidance of NGOs and Philanthropist who may be intending to provide shelter and toilet facilities to the flood victims.

1)Ideal temporary shelter is Canvas/tarpaulin tents.Pakistan has a large industrial sector making these.However production rates and inventory may be a problem.Other sources could be India And China.You can budget 250 USD per tent.Go to Alibaba trade portal for suppliers.prices and specs.Many suppliers are UN approved.Charpais may prove to be the best bet.Should be locally available.I guess 20 USD per piece without bedding or cotton sheet.Foam mattresses are another solution and may cost 30 Usd per.
2)There is a great hygiene problem ,especially for women.A room of 6 ft*10 ft and 6 ft high made of corrugated sheets mounted on wooden masts would require 200 sq.ft of steel sheets costing about 1 USD per sq.ft plus some 100 ft wooden logs,may be tree branches or standard panelling wood @Rs 25/- per ft.This is a transportable structure and could be installed in the settled places after the emergency is over.

3)Temporary toilets:Soaking pits could be dug,and that is why we have provided relatively large space for the toilet.Otherwise a more hygienic arrangement would be A large plastic bucket normally used in Pakistani kitchens as waste basket and also water basket.Adequate local supplies should be available.Matching toilet seats may have to be selected from the market ,again a standard sanitary item.If orders are large ,say 1000 sets,made to order buckets with toilet seats could be procured in 15 days.Also waste plastic Thelis would have to be provided in good quantities may be 4 pcs per day.Thelis are to be worn internally into the buckets.The contents may be removed by taking the theli off and disposed in a pit.One such toilet per 6-8 families may be budgetted.For those with lesser budgets and more intended outreach,only bucket-toilet and water bucket with lota could be appropriate.
4)Water buckets preferably steel water filters and lotas are all locally available.Consideration may be given for providing toilet roles as well.A whole set of these items would total Rs 1200/-per.
5)Kitchen utensils another Rs1500/- per set.
6) Cooking Stove:Where burning wood is not available , a small LPG cylinder with a stove would not cost more than Rs 2000/- per .These can be transported to the ultimate permanent dwelling.Infact most of the items except Tent are useable in standard rural situations.

I would be checking and confirming on these prices tomorrow and provide a more precise budget on EXCELL sheet in one or two days.
Akhtar Ali

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