About the books authored by Akhtar Ali

About the Books (authored by Akhtar Ali)

Pakistan’s Development Challenges: Federation, Security and Governance, 2010
This is a multidisciplinary book examining public policy, issues in the areas of development, federalism, national security, and governance. It has chapters in Provincial Autonomy, Royalty and Natural Resources, Democracy and Political Parties, Governance, Freedom and Transparency, Food, Water and Energy. Recommendations are made to break new ice and solve related issues and problems. The book is to be published shortly.

Pakistan’s Energy Development: the Road Ahead, 2010.
This is the most extensive and voluminous account of Pakistan’s Energy problems, options and resources, ever published before. The author lays down options and choices involving most available technologies and resources especially Thar Coal, Hydel, Oil and Gas, Solar and Wind. Also examined are costs and tariff and availability issues. It is aimed at both academicians and practitioners, including energy industry professionals, policy makers, regulatory bodies, end user industries and business and general public. The book is under printing and shall reach retail outlets in April.

Nuclear Politics and Challenges of Governance (1998)
This book was written in the wake of nuclear explosions of Pakistan and India in 1998. The book emphasizes the need to improve governance to bring it in compatibility with the requirement of a nuclear weapon power. Recommendations are made towards constitutional reforms, technologies, governance and development issues.

Political Economy of Pakistan; An agenda for reforms (1994)
The book published in 1994, proposes extensive reforms in Land ownership and distribution, and political and constitutional areas for bringing about a fair and just society and furthering better governance and economic development.

South Asia: Nuclear Stalemate or Conflagration (1987)
This book was written in the wake of acknowledgment and declaration by Pakistan of its nuclear capability. The book examines a mix of development of options in the area of offensive and defensive technologies, and proposes a development framework in that respect.

Pakistan’s Nuclear Dilemma; Energy and Security Dimensions (1984)

It was the first ever written pioneering book ever written by a Pakistani author on the subject. It exposed the dilemma faced by Pakistan due to the situation created by Indian nuclear explosion of 1971 that aimed to further Indian hegemony in the wake of dismemberment of Pakistan. Role and economics of nuclear energy and other options are explored along with potential nuclear doctrines and consequences.

Comments on authors earlier book “Pakistan’s Nuclear Dilemma”
It. is a highly commendable and detailed expose of Pakistan's nuclear issue. It has opened a valuable dialogue and I am sure it will be used by a large number of local and foreign scholars as a reference ... fine work…
Dr. A.Q. Khan
Project Director
Dr. A.Q. Khan Research Laboratories, KAHUTA

The author has given a mass of most interesting and cogent points about Pakistan's approach into this new field. In my opinion, no one should comment on our nuclear programme, until he has read this book from cover to cover ... absolutely ... first rate ... a must reading for every thinking Pakistani.
Lt. Gen. (Retd.) M. Ateequr-Rahman
Military Cross
Pakistan Army
It is a much more compelling account of a very sensitive subject, debated with a finesse not usually expected of Pakistani authors ... courageous, objective and convincing ... should be read by everyone with any serious interest in nuclear matters.
Dawn (Karachi)
Devoid of national chauvinism ... extremely informative and independent study ... a plea for nuclear sanity ...
Illustrated Weekly of India
double talk… candid ...
Work of impressive scholarship ... outlines a policy framework which, while apparently differing from those who want Pakistan to go nuclear openly, fits in neatly with the present undercover pursuits and ambivalence…
Times of India
... an unusually clear-eyed look at Pakistan's nuclear options ... this book is a breath of fresh air… the political judgment made in this book are questionable ... (especially) the assessment that the Soviet threat derives from Pakistan's security ties to the US.
Middle Eastern Journal
Akhtar All's lively and interesting hook is a valuable contribution ... his work deserves to be taken seriously.
International Affairs (R.I.LA.) London